Smarthub - What is it?

Smarthub - What is it?

You've asked, MCEC delivers.

Members have been asking for the ability to pay their balances with Credit and/or Debit cards, and we have heard you.  MCEC, together with one of our vendors, has designed and installed a system to allow just that, while keeping everyone's security as priority 1.

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Account Management at your Fingertips

SmartHub lets you manage all aspects of your utility or telecommunications account online or with your mobile device. Creating a SmartHub account takes less than three minutes. Enter your profile information, choose your provider and you’re ready to begin.

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Be in the Know

Are you a utility or telecommunications customer with multiple accounts? Are you on a prepaid service plan? Whether you’re a landlord, mom of a family of four on a telecom family plan, or a utility customer with an AMI meter, SmartHub lets you see detailed usage from all your accounts. Use this information to stay within a budget, monitor tenant usage, manage energy efficiency and more!

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Safe & Secure

SmartHub provides a safe and secure environment for bill payments and transactions between your utility or telecommunications provider and your financial institution.

SmartHub has three different modes to accommodate your needs:

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To Begin, Click the image above
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To Begin, Click the image above

SmartHub Mobile

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Why should I use this? Access My Account gives you full control of your SmartHub account, allowing you to create, manage, and disable your SmartHub account

Pay Now, just as the name implies, only allows you to pay your bill online, but does NOT require you to create and maintain passwords or do anything else.

While in Pay Now, you can see your current balance for the account and make a payment.

All you need is a copy of your Bill and a Credit card.

Securely view your balance and usage, as well as paying securely on mobile devices.
  • Full Account management
  • Make payments
  • Maintain payment information
  • View Billing History
  • View Payment History
  • Contact Us
  • Make payments
  • View current account balance
  • View your usage history
  • Pay your bill using your credit card