Sales Tax Exemption

If your household income is $12,000 or less per year, you are eligible to claim an exemption from paying sales taxes on the first 500 kWh of electricity used each month. This exemption is for all categories of sales taxes (city, county and state) and also applies to taxes charged on the Basic Service Charge. If you have already filed for the exemption and are currently receiving it, you do not have to refile. The only time you have to refile under the new regulations is if your income exceeds the minimum limit of $12,000. It is your responsibility to notify the cooperative when you no longer qualify for the sales tax exemption. Those who qualify for the exemption but have not filed must do so in order to receive it. File forms may be obtained from your local Revenue Office, any NADC office or attached below.

The following forms are in PDF format and require a compatible reader.  If you do not already have one, Get Adobe Reader icon