Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Mississippi County Electric Cooperative is committed to the privacy of our members and employees. To ensure this commitment, the Board of Directors has officially adopted the following privacy policy:

  • We Will Only Collect And Use Information For Core Business Purposes:Individual privacy is very important, so we will only collect and use information needed to offer and fulfill our core business purposes. We will be lawful and fair to the individual whose data we are storing and will retain only what we need to maintain our relationship with them. This means we will not disclose information for an unrelated purpose without the consent of the individual or by authority of law.
  • We Will Strive For Data Quality: Our ability to successfully implement our business is dependent on maintaining accurate information. We will strive to keep information we hold about customers accurate.
  • We Will Be Open About How We Use Data.


  • We do not trade or sell personal data to third parties.


  • We do not use cookies to store temporarily or permanently any information pertaining to the web site user or administrative user login or any other identifying information, except as follows:
    • Chat room id, room name, and chat user name - all of these are session only cookies and are deleted on browser close.
    • Quick Surveys - quick survey name and answer - stored in client cookie storage
    • Detailed Surveys - detailed survey name, question and answer- stored in client cookie storage

For more information about our privacy protection practices, contact: MCEC Member Services