Outage Restoration

Outage Restoration

2009 Ice Storm damage (pole and lines on ground)

How we prioritize repairs after a major storm

We’ve come to expect reliable electrical service as being a given.  If an outage does happen, normally it is restored within a few hours, at most.  When something big (like the '09 Ice Storm) causes widespread damage to a significant portion of our infrastructure, electrical service could well take days to restore.  Our dedicated lineman work long, hard hours trying to restore electrical service, but it is a job that requires they work methodically in order to ensure everyone's safety.


Like all electrical cooperatives, Mississippi County tries to restore power to as many locations as quickly as possible.  The following set of procedures govern how we go about restoring service and prioritization of specific repairs:


  1. Restore power to substations
  2. Repair feeders with high priority customers (hospitals, nursing homes, customers on life support systems, water and sewage treatment facilities, fire departments, and law enforcement facilities)
  3. Repair major three-phase lines that serve large numbers of members in residential areas
  4. Repair rural three-phase lines
  5. Repair single-phase branch lines, transformers, and individual services